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Automatic Washer

Automatic Washer



Air Cushion Type Suspension System
During washing, the air cushion is in exhaust condition. This enables external barrel rest on the base, and the internal barrel will thoroughly agitate to ensure the best washing effect. During dehydrating, the air cushion is filled with air and the extemal barrel is in floating condition. The air cushion absorbs vibration completely. Incase unbalance occurs, the machine will adjust balancing condition automatically.

Control System
The control system employs a touch-sensing screen, and provides 30 programs. It also allows operator to set the desired washing programs according to types of clothes.

Excellent Durability
The external barrel of the washing tank is a welding structure, machine service life is long.

Single motor, simple structure but complete range of functions, suitable for several sets of machines using in a line. 


Mode WEI-120B
Loading(kg) 120 kg Pipe diameters Cold water 2"
Drum Diameter(mm) 1,290 mm Warm water 2"
Depth(mm) 860 mm Steam 1"
Capacity(Liter) 1,124 L Rear water drain 4"
R.P.M Wash (rpm) 20. 30. 35. 40. 45 rpm Lower water drain 6"
Distribution(rpm) 57 rpm Exhaust pipe 2"
Extract 150.300.420.550.660 rpm Air 3/8 "
Door dimension Φ808 mm Suspension system 3 sets of cushions+shock absorbers
Controlled by Touch panel Tilt angle
Motor capacity 15 kw(20HP) Power supply 3ph 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Required steam pressure 7.0 kg / cm2 Distributed electricity 22 mm2/14mm2
Compressed air 7.0 kg / cm2 Maximum current


Water supply 1,350 L Breaker 100A/75 A
Essential water pressure 1.0~2.8 kg / cm2 Dimension 2030Wx2210Dx2250H
    Net weight 3,620 kg