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Company:Kunshan Weiyu Metal Production Co.,LTD
Add:No.366 Huayuan Rd., Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.


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Kunshan Weiyu Metal Production Co.,LTD uses "YINGELAN" trade mark to produce washer, dry-cleaner, dryer and washing machine equipment.More than 10 years professional experience in Taiwan,all products are base on high level design standard,and without stopping research and development endeavor,we always offer the best service and goods.

WEIYU is used to insisting on "sincerity" in running business idea in the meantime treats all customers by "sincerity before selling", as well as "keeping all promise in afterservice." That’s why we can get good response and reputation.

"YINGELAN" supply a variety of washing machine that can meet all your needs. To select the right model that can consume the lowest energy as well as fulfill the best cleaning effect. Improved high efficiency and more invest recompense will come true soon.